Equinox’s Way Cheaper Sister Gym is Now Open in Philly

$15 memberships? Yes, please.

Photograph courtesy Blink Fitness.

If you’ve ever been to a gym with all the frills — saunas, laundry service, a packed class schedule, fancy shampoos in the showers — you know just how nice luxury gyms can be. You also know, though, that none of those “free” amenities are really free. You’re paying for them, just in the form of a pricey monthly membership.

The thing is, you don’t need fancy shampoo to get in a good workout. Technically, all you need is a moving body and some space. And while Blink Fitness — the sister gym of New York-based luxury gym Equinox — has a little more than just some bodies and some space, it cuts way down on amenities. More importantly, it also cuts down on the price.

With the opening of Blink Fitness’ Wissinoming location — which is celebrating its grand opening on January 18 — Philly is now home to three of the cost-cutting gyms, with one more on the way. But at all three locations, you won’t find group classes or towels or any of the other luxe features above.

You will, however, find memberships that start as low as $15 per month and all the basic gym equipment you’re used to: up to 80 pieces of cardio equipment (think: treadmills and elliptical machines), dumbbell sets up to 90 pounds, up to 50 pieces of strength training equipment, locker rooms, and showers (stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash).

Yet while Blink Fitness’ motto may be minimalism, the goal of the gym chain is to bring clients something a little nicer than the $15 gyms they’ve visited before. At Blink, every employee is responsible for keeping the place clean, and bright colors are painted on the walls to keep it from looking drab. Talking with Yahoo Finance, Blink’s president Todd Magazine compared Blink’s advantage over other cheap gyms to the contrast between Target and Walmart.

“Walmart and Target, they basically sell the same products, but there’s something different about walking into a Target, it has that department store feel,” he said. “Most gyms in the $10 to $15 price point, they’re dirty, they’re not friendly. They feel like $15 gyms. You walk into our gym, and if you didn’t know the price, you’d think you were walking into a $30, $40, $50 gym.”

With the opening of Blink’s Wissinoming location, the brand is also giving back to the community. At the grand opening celebration on Friday, Blink will be donation 50 one-year memberships to the Northeast Frankford Boys & Girl’s Club of Philadelphia, an organization which works to help all kids reach their full potential.

Blink Fitness Wissinoming is now open at 5597 Tulip Street, Building C 1-4. Check out a video tour of another Blink Fitness location below, then go visit in person.

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