Your Whole Foods Holiday Grocery List Just Got A LOT Cheaper

They've slashed prices on a bunch of holiday must-haves.

Attention quality-seeking bargain hunters: Whole Foods (and Amazon) announced yesterday in a press release that they’re slashing prices on a whole slew of holiday favorites, including the star of the Thanksgiving show — the turkey. There will also be extra deals and discounts for Amazon Prime members. It looks like this Whole Foods and Amazon merger is really working out for us; we can definitely get down with these frequent sales.

The biggest and best deal is on Whole Food’s selection of Thanksgiving turkeys. All shoppers will find organic birds on sale for $3.49 per pound and antibiotic-free birds reduced to $2.49 per pound. Prime members will receive extra discounts and can score their organic turkeys for $2.99 and antibiotic-free turkeys for $1.99 per pound. Those are some pretty sweet prices for the good stuff, don’t you think?

Not a meat-eater? Don’t worry — there are deals for you, too. Canned pumpkin, broccoli, salad mixes, russet potatoes, and sweet potatoes — all of which happen to be organic — are now on Whole Foods shelves at lower prices as well. You’ll also see discounts on a bunch of your favorite name-brand labels like Siggis yogurt and Tom’s toothpaste. The full list of discounted items is available here.

Whole Foods Market CEO and co-founder, John Mackey, has also alluded to more deals coming down the lane. Fingers crossed for equally-as-awesome (if not more awesome) Christmas deals!

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