The 12 Best Websites for Cheap Workout Clothes

Because it's nonsensical to shell out big bucks for clothes you'll destroy with sweat.

For all my friends that physically react — perhaps in the form of a twitch or gag — to the price of fitness apparel from brands like Lululemon and Outdoor Voices, fret not! There are other options out there — and much cheaper ones at that. That’s where these websites featuring TONS of affordable and on-trend workout gear come into play.

Now that the truth is out in the open, I bet you’re feeling a lot more comfortable with the idea of revamping your workout wardrobe. Say goodbye to that t-shirt that was once white and those brightly patterned leggings that have since faded and treat yourself to an online shopping spree without draining your bank account. With the extra budget space, you might even be able to pick up a few new workout accessories — think resistance bands, a yoga mat, or even some heavier equipment — to help keep your fitness game strong at home.

Amazon is where I purchase most of my at-home workout gear. Awesome finds on this catch-all site include everything from exercise balls, yoga mats, resistance bands, foam rollers, door-hanging pull-up bars and, of course, the buzzy $20 leggings we told you about last week (because what sort of health and wellness writer would I be if I didn’t test them out for myself?). Amazon is a solid budget-friendly website to fulfill all of your workout gear needs. Everything is organized by activity or accessory, plus there’s a “Sales & Deals” section for when you’re trying to reign in your spending, you know, without actually stopping. Plus, with Prime, you can score a lot of your gear free of shipping fees.

This hidden gem boasts very affordable workout clothes for a wide variety of activities like surfing, cycling, golf, running and yoga. One recent find: $23.99 padded cycling leggings. Baleaf also has a very-appreciated “We Made Too Much” section featuring extra discounts on men and women’s apparel.

Dubbed GapFit, Gap’s fitness apparel line features a whole slew of very cute, cozy and affordable workout clothes for men and women on an easy-to-shop website. Most of their online sections (like leggings, tops, jackets, etc.) feature a quite a few sales if you do some scrolling. Additionally, Gap features a lot of sales and deals with their Gap Cash, which earns you a little dough back on what you spend. Sign up for their emails and you’ll get a TON of coupons sent your way.

Nordstrom Rack
The online store, which is MUCH less jumbled than our Chestnut Street brick and mortar, boasts great deals on the name-brand running shoes you know and love — think Nike, Reebok, Asics, and Adidas — with a much lower price tag. Warning: There is also a very extensive and very affordable collection of Free People’s activewear line. It may be difficult to resist.

Calvin Klein
For your safety and comfort, we sure hope something comes between you and your Calvin workout clothes. On the real, Calvin Klein’s website is known for having somewhat random, but totally awesome, sales that will definitely benefit your workout wardrobe. The site features some super comfy-looking hoodies and leggings, both starting at $49, but if you catch it on a sale day (or week!) your picks may be up to 50 percent off. #Winning.

Hit up Overstock when you’re finally ready to turn that extra bedroom (AKA the storage, *cough* junk, room) into your very own at-home gym. Here you can score all sorts of fitness equipment and accessories at a decently discounted rate. Work out your frustrations with this deal: a punching bag and two pairs of boxing gloves for a mere 35 bucks (say whaaaat?). Overstock is also a great option if you’re in the market for some more serious (and typically quite expensive) fitness equipment like reformer machines, weight machines or inversion tables.

Joe Fresh
If you’ve been in search of affordably priced velvet joggers, look no further than Joe Fresh. All jokes aside, this website offers pages upon pages of cheap workout clothes — and only some of them are velvet — in the trendiest styles, patterns and colors (yes, even the infamous millennial pink). The price range for bras, leggings, tops and jackets is $10 to $40, which is pretty darn affordable if you ask us.

Forever21 actually has some pretty cute and affordable activewear pieces. That said, the idea of going into the store, overrun by teenagers, just isn’t an option. If you’ve been inspired by the saucy workout onesies taking over your Insta feed, but quiver at the thought of shelling out $95 for one of your own, Forever21 has a much more affordable option at $28. Now you can look like you’re an on-trend fitness gal without dumping your whole paycheck into the effort.

Target’s new activewear line, JoyLab, is the best-kept secret in the fitness apparel world because of how stylish and affordable it is. Leggings, which are typically the more expensive activewear items, don’t break $40, while bras and crop tops hover in the $14 to $20 range. The line combines style and functionality in an affordable activewear package!

Fit Equipment Etc.
This website houses some serious deals on fitness equipment. One item is featured every day for their “Deal of the Day,” some items ship for free and they also have a pre-owned section featuring discounts on lightly used items such as treadmills and ellipticals.

Offering a solid selection of workout apparel and dance gear, Danskin has your basics covered at an affordable price. (You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything over $50.) With great deals such as two pairs of leggings for $40 and a solid sale section, this website is bound to fulfill your workout gear needs.

T.J. Maxx
If you find yourself in the midst of a fitness kick requiring an revamp of your workout wardrobe to get you motivated, we suggest hitting up the T.J. Maxx online shop. Here, you’ll score apparel, running shoes, yoga mats, ankle weights, water bottlesheadphones — and the list goes on. You’ll recognize brands like Gaiam, Merrell, and Reebok, but you won’t recognize their much cheaper price tag.

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