Where to Buy Local Thanksgiving Turkeys in the Philadelphia Area

We've got everything from organic to smoked and ready-to-eat (for the cooking-challenged). Don't forget to pre-order — Thanksgiving is just a week away.

Photo by circlePS/iStock

Thanksgiving is the one annual holiday when it’s totally socially acceptable to throw on your baggiest sweatpants and eat with reckless abandon. (We’re sure you’ll make up for it in the gym later). And while Grandma’s pumpkin pie is something to look forward to, the real star of Thanksgiving is the turkey. And whether you’re a wing person or a breast person, you’re going to want to do it right. That’s why we’ve wrangled up some places for a you to get a good, local turkey. We’ve got everything from organic to smoked and ready-to-eat (for the cooking-challenged). Don’t forget to pre-order soon — Thanksgiving is just a week away.

Bolton Farm Market
1005 Main Street, Silverdale, 215-257-6047.
Turkey type: Natural, additive-free turkeys from Bolton’s Silverdale farm.
Price per pound: $3.69
Pre-order: Now until they run out.
Pick-up: November 21st (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and 22nd (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Fair Food Farmstand
Reading Terminal Market, 51 North 12th Street, Center City, 215-386-5211, ext. 120.
Turkey types: turkeys and turkey breasts from The Howe Farm, non-GMO Bronze turkeys from Koch’s Turkey Farm, and certified organic pastured turkeys from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.
Price per pound: Howe, $3.39 for whole turkey, $5.39 for breast; Koch’s, $5.19; Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, $6.99.
Pre-order: Now to November 5th for Koch’s and Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative’s, now to the 16th for Howe’s. All pre-orders are made with a $30 deposit.
Pick-up: November 21st or 22nd between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Godshall’s Poultry
Reading Terminal Market, 51 North 12th Street, Center City, 215-922-7589.
Turkey type: Organic free-range turkeys from Lancaster County.
Price per pound: $3.29 for whole turkey, $5.99 for breast.
Pre-order: Now through the 18th.
Pick-up: Anytime before November 23rd, during business hours.

Green Aisle Grocery
Multiple Locations
Turkey type: Hormone and antibiotic-free turkeys from Green Meadow Farm.
Price per pound: $5.75.
Pre-order: Now through the 15th. Note: $50 deposit is required.
Pick-up: November 21st.

Greensgrow Farms
2501 East Cumberland Street, Kensington, 215-427-2702 and 5123 Baltimore Avenue, West Philly, 215-531-4972.
Turkey type: All-natural, cage-free turkeys from Loag’s Corner Turkey Farm in Elverson.
Price per pound: $3.75.
Pre-order: Online through November 12th.
Pick-up: November 21st from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Greensgrow Farms or Greensgrow West.

Kimberton Whole Foods
Locations in Kimberton, Downingtown, Douglassville, Malvern and Ottsville.
Turkey type: Organic turkeys from Bell & Evans in Fredericksburg, as well as Koch’s Turkeys.
Price per pound: $4.99 for whole turkey, $6.99 for breast.
Pre-order: Now until November 17th.
Pick-up: November 20th through 22nd.

Linvilla Orchards
137 West Knowlton Road, Media, 610-876-7116.
Turkey type: Hormone-and cage-free turkeys from Chester County Family Farm.
Price per pound: $3.49 for 10- to 30-pound turkeys
Pre-order: November 4th through 6th. Call 610-876-7116 to place your order.
Pick-up: November 21st through the morning of the 23rd.

Luigi and Giovanni Catering
3601 Chapel Road, Newtown Square, 610-353-2080.
Turkey type: Fully cooked turkeys from Jaindl Farms in Orefield, Pennsylvania.
Price per pound: Cooked turkeys that are boneless and stuffed, $9.90 to $11.90; and turkeys, with bone included, range from $6.99 to $7.99.
Pre-order: Now until November 22nd by calling 610-353-2080.
Pick-up: Anytime within 24 hours of ordering; may change as we approach the holiday.

Martindale’s Natural Market
1172 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, 610-543-6811.
Turkey type: Frozen free-range and organic turkeys from Plainville farms.
Price per pound: $4.99 per pound.
Pre-order: Call 610-543-6811 to order now until they sell out. A $10 deposit is required.
Pick-up: The turkeys are expected to come in on the 16th, and the store advises that you pick it up ASAP.

Weavers Way Co-op
559 Carpenter Lane, Mt. Airy, 215-843-2350, and 8424 Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill, 215-866-9150.
Turkey type: local turkeys from Esbenshade Farms in Lancaster County; Kosher turkeys from Empire Kosher in Mifflintown; heirloom bronze turkeys from Koch’s Turkey Farm.
Price per pound: Esbenshade, $2.69; Empire, $4.89; Koch’s, $3.69.
Pre-order: Now until they sell out.
Pick-up: November 21st and 22nd.

Whole Foods Market
Multiple locations.
Turkey type: Organic turkeys, bone-in and boneless breasts; kosher and fully cooked turkeys are also available.
Price per pound: Whole raw turkey, $2.69 to $3.99; breasts, $4.99 to $6.99; cooked, $39.99 to $89.99 (depending on size) for the whole turkey.
Pre-order: Now through the 19th.
Pick-up: November 20th through 22nd.