Weekend Plans: Do SoulCycle to Support Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

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Photo courtesy SoulCycle

Alright, everyone, it’s time, once again, to sweat it out for hurricane relief: SoulCycle Ardmore is hosting a Hurricane Maria relief ride this Saturday, the 14th. All proceeds from the ride will be going directly to the Puerto Rico Real-Times Relief Fund[1], which helps folks in Puerto Rico in need of immediate and long-term care due to Hurricane Maria’s devastation. Read: You can feel perfectly good about shelling out $30 for your workout.

The relief ride is taking place this Saturday at 12:45 p.m. which, by the way, is a very reasonable time for a Saturday-morning ride (sweating it out is a popular hangover remedy[2], after all). The ride is going down at Philly’s OG SoulCycle studio in Ardmore at 2 Coulter Avenue, and you can grab your spot for the class here[3]. There are plenty of spots open, so gather your friends and bring them along to cycle it out for a good cause.

Happy Soul-Cycling! (Beware of that Kool-Aid everyone’s talking about[4].)

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