How to Turn a Smoothie or Juice Into a Potion for Glowing Skin

Aesthetician turned juicer Erika Ianoale dishes on her top juice and smoothie add-ins for glowing skin.

You know what makes investing in a $10 juice a bit less wince-inducing? Knowing that the juice is actually doing something (anything!) for you aside from quenching your thirst, whether that’s getting your skin in tip-top shape from the inside out or helping you to recover post-workout. Because you can reach for a much less expensive LaCroix to simply hydrate, right? Right.

And this need for function is where aesthetician turned juicer Erika Ianoale’s juices, slung under the name Satya Juice (formerly Pangaea), deliver. Many of them are designed by the skin pro, who worked her magic on people’s pores at Rittenhouse’s Rescue Spa for 10 years, to make your skin look as no-filter-necessary as possible. Think: the Beauty Tonic, a thicker concoction loaded with coconut, pineapple, turmeric and more. Then, there’s the Ageless green juice, packed with kale, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger. Ianoale also lets customers customize their juices, adding goodies like cayenne, turmeric, matcha and more. Neat, right? (The simplest way to get your hands on the juices, which are BOMB, by the way, is to order online and they’ll deliver ’em to you.)

It’s not every day you find a juicer with a background in skin care, so to glean some knowledge from her (hey, that’s kind of our job), we asked the Philly skincare pro turned juice pro to tell us what some of her favorite smoothie and juice add-ins to get glowing skin are. First, a pro tip: She suggests always keeping fiber in your juices; she uses a hydraulic cold-pressing juice machine that allows her to do this, but the home juicer can also use a net or filter. Okay, now check out four smoothie and juice add-ins she says can make your drink work for your skin below, then head to the grocery store.

Add coconut

As Ianoale notes, coconut is super hydrating, and hydration is a key component when it comes to glowing skin. Plus, coconut meat is packed with healthy fats, and healthy fats are superstars when it comes to beauty. Remember what food-for-beauty pro Jolene Hart told us about healthy fats? In case you need a reminder: healthy fats help skin retain moisture, which is essential, plus they help our bodies to absorb many of the vitamins that can also get us glowing.

Add chia seeds

As Ianoale points out, Chia seeds are packed with protein, a well-known building block for glowing skin. As an added bonus, they seriously add to the filling factor of a juice or smoothie.

Add ashwagandha

Throwing powdered adaptogens (for the uninitiated, those are herbs that help manage your body’s response to stress) into juices, smoothies and matcha has become quite the trend of late. Ianoale’s top pick? Ashwagandha. As she says, “We all have anxiety,” but when your body can better respond to it, it means your hormone levels aren’t constantly being thrown out of whack, which can negatively impact your skin. Do note though, adaptogens affect everyone differently, so it’s worth experimenting.

Add Add fennel

This one’s unexpected, we know — but Ianoale explains that fennel is a diuretic and the more you, ahem, rid your body of toxins, the better your skin will look. Interesting, huh?

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