Goodbye, Boring Veggie Wraps: 6 Philly Food Trucks Vegans Should Know About

Because we've had enough of the boring veggie wraps.

The Chilly Banana | Photo via Instagram

Ah, food truck-lined streets: A grub-filled wonderland for most foodies, but for vegans, walking up to a window can be daunting. Dietary labels don’t always show up on dry-erase board menus, meaning you can end up waiting in a forever-long line, only to, come time to place your order, find out the the item you had your sights set on isn’t actually vegan. Say it with me: NOOOOOOOO.

My friends, family and S.O. are all barbecue junkies, so at food truck-filled festivals, I always get stuck at the barbecue truck, which is often the least vegan-friendly truck on the scene. Meaning I usually, erm, stick to booze. But despite what it can seem, there are vegan food truck and food cart options out there, my fellow vegan friends. Here six food trucks and carts — some completely vegan and some very vegan-friendly —to look out for around Philly for some good vegan eatin’.

Obsidian Eats
How to find them: Keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
This food cart is the (coconut) cream of the crop: They sling plant-based, soy-free foods — from “cheesesteaks” to yucca fries — AND they have some raw vegan foods and cold-pressed juices in the mix, too. Bonus: They’re always mixing up the menu.

Vegan Tree
How to find them: They’re pretty much always parked at 1919 13th Street, Temple University.
As a Temple graduate, I’ve spent a lot of time at this food truck, primarily to get my hands on their top seller, the spicy hot pot: a very spicy but delicious broth bowl filled with noodles, cabbage, potatoes, your choice of soy meat and much more. They also have a variety of sandwiches, wraps and baked goods.

Kung Fu Hoagies
How to find them: Check out their calendar here.
If you’re in the mood for a vegan hoagie or noodle dish at an affordable price, Kung Fu is the food truck for you. With a little bit of everything — pho, ramen, pad Thai and banh mi galore — you’re bound to find some plant-based goodness to strike your fancy.

The Chilly Banana
How to find them: They post weekly schedules on Instagram and Twitter.
The Chilly Banana serves up 100-percent fruit-based banana whips, a healthy and affordable (and yummy!) snack or dessert, complete with toppings like house-made coconut chip, coconut chips, and more. Mmmmm.

Magic Carpet Foods
How to find them: They have two University City locations; 34th and Walnut Streets and Spruce Street between 35th and 36th Streets. Check Facebook page for hours.
This heaven of a food truck, which is all vegetarian or vegan, was established in 1984. Meaning: They’ve had a lot of time to perfect their menu full of Mediterranean-inspired eats like falafel and grape leaves, tofu and tempeh platers, salads and more.

Taco Angeleno
How to find them: Permanently parked at 5019 Baltimore Avenue, West Philly.
Because #TacoTuesday is a lifestyle: Taco Angeleno, which is by no means a vegan food truck (for clarity’s sake) slings seitan tacos and vegan burritos, and comes complete with a cute outdoor garden eating area. Meaning: You can enjoy Taco Tuesdays with your meat-loving friends with more than salsa on your plate.

Psst: Have a trusty food truck that offers good vegan options? Shout it out in the comments. 

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