Switch It Up: 10 Boutique Fitness Studios in Philly Where Your First Class Is Free

Who doesn't love a free workout?

SoulCycle or Pure Barre loyalist? It’s awesome if you’ve fallen in love with a workout to the point that it’s the only class you frequent — but it’s also awesome to try new things. And here’s some incentive to switch it up from your go-to workout class: a ton of boutique fitness studios in Philly offer your first class for free. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded a bunch of ’em up for you so you don’t have to sleuth around the web like an extreme couponer trying to find these sweat-worthy deals.

Who knows? Switching up your workout class might just be the cure for your lack of motivation if you’re in a rut. Or maybe you’ll fall in love with a new class to add to your usual repertoire. Long story short: We think your body AND your bank account will thank us for this list. 

Body Cycle Studio
What: Body Cycle’s workouts give you a high-energy indoor cycling experience, without the intimidation factor some of the more, um, cult-y studios can come with. Check out the schedule here and book your first ride for free.
Where: 1923 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse.
Usual drop-in rate: $24.

CorePower Yoga
What: CorePower offers a unique variety heated yoga and of yoga fusion classes. If you like yoga with an added strength-training component, they’ve got Yoga Sculpt — a super-sweaty class that works in weights. They’ve also got killer hot power flow classes. And with their newbie promo, you get a whole week of unlimited classes for free, so you can test out all their offerings. You can sign up for your free week here.
Where: Multiple locations.
Usual drop-in rate: $25.

CKO Kickboxing
What: CKO’s Kickboxing classes will kick your butt. No, really — we’ve tried ’em, and they are killer. You can get your free class here.
Where: 1616 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse.
Usual drop-in rate: Varying membership options.

Orangetheory Fitness
What: Orangetheory classes are a combo of cardio intervals and strength training, giving you the perfect way to cross train that employ heart rate monitors throughout the 60-minute sessions to show you, in real time, just how effective the workout is.
Where: 1625 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse.
Usual drop-in rate: $30.

What: Ciclo’s spinning classes are going to be a little bit more intimate than your average stadium-style class. With only 16 bikes in the studio, you’re sure to get the attention you need and deserve to get your form right and maximize your ride. Even after your free ride, Ciclo’s class prices are super affordable. Get in on the deal here.
Where: 2036 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown.
Usual Rate: 30-minute ride for $10 or 45-minute ride for $17.

City Fitness
What: Okay, City Fitness isn’t quite a boutique fitness studio, but it’s a local gym that offers boutique-style fitness classes. And you can get a five-pack of classes for free. Who doesn’t love variety? City Fitness offers more than 150 group exercise classes each week, so have fun trying to decide which class to take first. Here‘s more about their free offer.
Where: Multiple locations.
Usual Rate: $20.

Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness
What: Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness’s spinning classes are 45-minute and hour-long session guaranteed to make you feel strong. They’ve got both typical rides and combo classes, featuring off-the-bike strength training. And your first class is free.
Where: 89 Bethlehem Pike, Chestnut Hill.
Usual Rate: $20.

The Wall
What: The Wall offers indoor cycling, barre, and yoga classes — talk about a triple threat. For your first class (free!), take your pick from their lineup.
Where: 107 Cotton Street, Manayunk.
Usual Rate: $16.

Balance Chestnut Hill
What: Whatever type of class you’re looking for, chances are Balance offers it. They offer an array of classes in four different categories: cardio and endurance, cardio and strength, strength, and flexibility. Whether you want to burn calories with cycling or boxing or if you want to stretch your muscles with a yoga class, Balance is the place to go.
Where: 12 West Willow Grove Avenue, Chestnut Hill.
Usual Rate: 30-minute class for $12 or a 45-minute to hour-long class for $18.

Unite Fitness
What: Get ready for a long haul — The Unite Fitness Workout is a 65-minute group workout led by one of Unite Fitness’s top-notch coaches. The first 25 minutes will be spent on either a treadmill or a stationary bike, your choice. Then, spend 30 minutes strength training. Finish up the workout with a 10-minute group yoga stretch. You can schedule your trial workout here.
Where: Multiple locations.
Usual Rate: $28.

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