The Checkup: Pee Is NOT the Answer to a Jellyfish Sting — This Is

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• If you’ve ever suffered through the humiliating experience of being peed on at the beach, I’m so sorry — that really wasn’t necessary, new research published in the journal Toxins shows. Apparently, pee, a folk remedy for jellyfish stings, at best doesn’t work to ease the pain of a sting and at worst makes things worse. Vinegar, it turns out, is a much more effective — and appropriate — answer to the problem. So throw some in your beach bag. [Science of Us]

Chickpeas are your friends: They’re loaded with protein and fiber — and they’re versatile. Case in point: These 30 chickpea-filled recipes, from cookie dough pops to enchiladas. [Greatist]

• Here’s how carrots actually help keep your eyes healthy. (Because despite your skepticism, they really do!) [NPR]

• If you’re looking to upgrade your nightly bath, this bath-filled Instagram account comes with plenty of pointers. [Refinery29]

• Setting yourself up for success when it comes to fitness isn’t rocket science, even when you’re dealing with constraints in the time and budget departments. Here, eight tips to help you stay on top of your fitness game without investing too much of either. [Byrdie]

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