The Checkup: A Month’s Worth of Tiny Tweaks to See Better Fitness Results

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• Sticking to your gym schedule with the same dedication Kim Kardashian displays when defending Kanye’s antics only to see few results can be truly disheartening. Here, 25 tiny tweaks to make to your strength-training workouts for better results, according to personal trainers. Work a few in each workout, and look back to see how things have changed a month from now. [Women’s Health]

• Research shows that the lowest monthly goal for time spent in nature we should all be reaching for is five hours per month. That’s not a lot. You can do it — and you will be happier. Start here. [Science of Us]

• Here, how four super-fit chefs stick to their fitness regimens (plus how some, impressively, resist carbs). [Men’s Health]

• Is collagen powder the new protein powder? [The Cut]

• Why spend hours of your life oil pulling each week when you could just brush your teeth with coconut oil toothpaste instead? [Byrdie]

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