The Checkup: Why Your Tongue Turns White (And the Quick Fix for It) 

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• Ever look at your tongue and notice that it’s white instead of pink? Well that, my friends, is tongue plaque — and it can cause your breath to be all kinds of funky. But not to fear: The fix is a simple scrape-and-mouthwash combo. [Refinery29]

• Say hello to this man who lifted a car out of a bike lane with his own bare hands. He is my new hero. [CityLab]

Starbucks just debuted a pretty darn drool-worthy healthy menu in Chicago. We’ll just be over here waiting for it to make its way to the East Coast. [Bustle]

• Never heard of the adaptogen maca? Well, you’re going to want to read up — it’s touted as the next beauty superstar. [Well + Good]

• There’s no need to be afraid of potatoes, people! They contain resistance starch, which research shows can actually keep you full longer and help to even out your blood sugar levels. [Women’s Health]

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