The Checkup: Exactly How Much You Save Shopping Trader Joe’s Over Whole Foods 

• If you could only witness the debates I have in my head each week over whether to go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. “But the salad bar at Whole Foods! But the deals at Trader Joe’s! But the faux-meat section at Whole Foods! But the deals at Trader Joe’s!” But about those Trader Joe’s deals: How much are you actually saving when you choose TJ’s over Whole Foods? The folks over at Business Insider shopped both stores with the same grocery list to find out and — drumroll, please! — their bill was around $30 cheaper at TJ’s when buying the same-ish (some of Whole Foods’ cheapest options were organic, while TJ’s weren’t) 28 items. [Business Insider]

• Your incentive to hit the trails today? New research shows that one hour spent running adds seven hours to your life (!!). [Runner’s World]

• Raise your hand it you are totally type A. Okay, now keep your hand raised if you have serious trouble sticking to your weekly workouts. Hand still up? This workout-spreadsheet accountability system might be your fitness savior. [Women’s Health]

• The DASH diet, unlike many, works. So why have you never heard of it? [Washington Post]

• Now that you’ve Marie Kondo’d your living room, here’s how to Marie Kondo your workout drawer. [Well + Good]

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