Psst: There’s a New Swim Happy Hour in South Philly

Yes, swimming AND happy hour.

Water workouts aren’t necessarily what comes to mind when you think of working out in Philly, but recently, we’ve noticed quite the influx of awesome pool workouts coming our way, from Aqua Vida’s indoor SUP fitness classes to water barre at the Rittenhouse Spa and Club. And now, Fitness Alive is offering up a pretttttty awesome pairing for swimmers that totally eliminates the “Should I squeeze in a midweek pool session … OR a midweek happy hour session?” debate. Meet Fitness Alive’s Masters Swim Happy Hour series. Yep: That’s six weeks of serious water workouts, each one followed by happy hour. Perfection, right?

Fitness Alive describes the six-week series, held at South Philly’s Fitness Works on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. starting March 29th, as “a fun and structured swimming workout for comfortable swimmers of ranging abilities, focusing on building skills through drills and kicking and mixing in some sprint and endurance sets to build those cardiac muscles.” And while the slightly intimidating word Masters is in the title, they stress that the class is for swimmers of ranging abilities; everyone from folks training for a triathlon to those simply nostalgic for their high-school swim team days will benefit. That said, while you by no means need to a be Michael Phelps to join in, you do need to be able to comfortably swim a couple of laps in a pool. This eliminates me, who Fitness Alive’s Holly Waters JUST taught to jump into water without holding my nose.

Now, about happy hour: After class each week, the group will head to a local watering hole (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) for a post-workout drink. The six week series, with classes every Wednesday through May 3rd, will run you $150 (post-workout booze not included). You can sign up here. And psst: The code “bewellphilly” will get you $10 off your registration. Here’s to never having to choose between a Wednesday happy hour and Wednesday workout again. (Er, well, at least not for six weeks.)

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