Philly Dance Fitness Is Hosting a Three-Hour Dance Party Workout (Yes, Please!)

You know what beats dancing Saturday night away? Dancing the day away and being in bed by 9 p.m.

If you were planning on going dancing this Saturday night, we suggest you bump your plans up a few hours, because Philly Dance Fitness is hosting an afternoon of dance with a workshop dubbed a Taste of Philly Dance Fitness, and it’s essentially a three-hour dance party. And you know what beats a nighttime dance party? One that allows you to get your sweaty booty pop on AND get to bed by 9 p.m.

Here’s the deal: Over the course of three hours, attendees will sample a slew of Philly Dance Fitness’s dance classes, including, just to name a few, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, House-Party Fitness, Power Stretch and Frisky Friday Striptease.

The dance sessions will be broken up by a quick presentation by Andrea Corbi Fein, a plant-based cook and lifelong dance and fitness enthusiast, who will share some tips on how to incorporate fresh and nourishing foods into your diet. Andrea’s angle is to make healthy eating accessible and desirable despite a busy schedule. Oh and by the way, along with chatting to attendees, she’s also catering the event, so while she’s talking about food, you’ll be snacking on her healthy offerings! And not to worry, since this talk is mid-workout, they understand you may not want to eat too much so doggie bags are encouraged.

The event will be going down at Philly Dance Fitness’s South Philly studio at 1170 South Broad Street this Saturday, February 18th from 1 to 4 p.m. A ticket to the dance extravaganza will run you $40, and you can find all the details you’ll need to join the party here.

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