This Philly Spot Just Landed on List of 10 Most “Healthyish” Restaurants in America

Take note, healthy eaters.

High Street on Market | Photo via Facebook

High Street on Market | Photo via Facebook

When I think of Old City’s High Street on Market, I mostly think of bread. So. Much. Bread. Freshly baked and begging to be stuffed into my face. (Buckwheat Cherry, you are never not on my mind.)

This thought of stuffing bread into my face with reckless abandon does not necessarily line up with actions usually associated with being healthy.

But a closer look at the menu, which boasts items like house-made ginger yogurt, grilled broccoli salad and brown rice fettuccine, shows that the spot, which gets a whole lot of praise for its pastries and oh-so-glutenous (see what I did there?) options, should — somewhat unexpectedly — be on your short list of places to go when in search of a healthy(ish) meal. And if you’re not already convinced, Healthyish, Bon Appetit’s new health-focused outlet, just put High Street on Market on its list of the 10 Most Healthyish Restaurants in America.

When it comes to what to get, folks from around the fitness world have told us High Street’s selection of three sides — often seasonal salads — is a great go-to for a healthy lunch. I’m a big fan of their Forager breakfast sandwich, which balances indulgences like black trumpet mayo with fillings like braised kale and seared mushrooms. And Andrew Knowlton, Bon Appetit‘s deputy editor who penned the list, names the stuffed breads and the broccoli salad among his reasons for it making the cut. See? Healthyish.

You can check out the full top 10 list here.

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