Womp, Womp: 5th Street Tunnel Bike Lane Loses Barriers for Winter 

The protected bike lane got lots of cheers from cyclists when it was installed over the summer.

The installation of a protected bike lane in the 5th Street tunnel was met with lots of cheers from cyclists when it debuted over the summer, so this news is a bummer: According to the folks over at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the flex posts in the 5th Street tunnel — which serve as a barrier between cyclists from cars, creating a protected bike lane  — have been removed for the winter. So there will still be a bike lane in the tunnel through the winter months, but it won’t be a protected bike lane. Say it with us: Womp, womp.

According to the Bicycle Coalition’s blog, the posts were removed for winter so that snow plows can get to both the car lane and the bike lake; the Delaware River Port Authority, which maintains the tunnel, doesn’t have a plow small enough to clear just the bike lane.

The barriers are slated to make a comeback in the spring. Meantime, be extra aware as you pedal through the tunnel, cyclist friends!

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