You Need to Start Paying Attention to This Fitness Store’s Events Calendar, Stat

They are offering up lots of (free!) community fun. 

Candlelight yoga with the Local Fishtown

Candlelight yoga with the Local Fishtown

Back when we told you guys about what to expect at Lululemon’s new local concept store, dubbed the Local Fishtown, we told you to keep an eye on their events calendar. The concept for the store, after all, is to be a hub for the fitness community. But even we weren’t expecting their community events lineup to be quite so full

Since they opened less than a month ago, Lululemon’s Fishtown location has hosted all sorts of community events — some on the fitness end of things, and some on the more artsy side of the spectrum — from a run with the November Project to a card-making workshop with the Art Department to a winter pop-up market with all sorts of local vendors (and draft lattes!). And last night, nearly a month after the store opened its doors, I had the chance to soak in one of their community events, this one a candlelight yoga class at the Sculpture Courtyard in South Kensington.

I was sick. And tired. And so not in a yoga mood, and I still had a damn lovely time. And I am, admittedly, a monster when I am sick, so this is saying something.

The free class, held in a dark room with candles lining the brick walls, kicked off at 7 p.m. It was taught by Daphne Lyon (who just so happens to be behind one of our favorite Philly fitness Instagrams) to the sounds of beats — including a “Say My Name” cover that was ah-mazing — by DJ Eagle. The class was held in celebration of winter solstice, so there was lots of talk of “the darkness” and “the light” and intentions for the new year, and none of it made me roll my eyes, which is impressive. After savasana, we all participated in a short guided meditation, where I — someone who can barely live my life for 36 seconds without needing to take a note of something in my iPhone Notes app — was able to calm the f*&# down for a minute. Well, actually, more like six minutes. It was freakin’ amazing. And to top it all off, the whole shebang ended with complimentary hot toddies from New Liberty Distillery.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I went instead of submitting to my sniffles and scratchy throat.

And to think, me and my sick self would have spent the night sobbing to Grey’s Anatomy while moaning to my (poor, poor) boyfriend “Wheeeennnnn will I ever feel better?” had I not stumbled onto this event on Facebook. And that, my friends, is why you need to start actively paying attention to the community events calendar for Lululemon’s Fishtown location. They don’t make it super easy: They aren’t sending you e-blasts and they don’t have an Instagram, so you really do have to be active about paying attention — but it’s worth it.

Do note: Right now, if you head to their Facebook page and go to the events tab, it says they have no upcoming events. But I am here to tell you, this is not true. Last night, a little birdie mentioned to us that they have a lot — I’m talking way too much to actually fit into your calendar — planned for January. So you are going to want to keep an eye out, ya heard? Because we’re guessing your New Year’s resolution probably has something to do with fitness (don’t they all?), and these events will certainly help you stick with it.

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