The Checkup: You’re Lacing Up Your Running Shoes All Wrong 

And more healthy reads to get your day going.

• According to running experts, if you aren’t paying attention to the way you lace up your running shoes — whether you pull the laces up or out; whether or not your laces are twisted; and so on — you’re doing it all wrong, and you could be screwing with your performance.  [Washington Post]

• And speaking of running, if you’re looking to shut out the bazillion thoughts you have after a long day with a run, you may want to try running super fast — maybe a Fartlek workout? — rather than going for a leisurely jaunt along the Schuylkill River Trail. [Science of Us]

• One more reason to stay on your fitness game: new research found that inflammation caused by having a higher BMI may negatively impact cognitive functioning in older adults. [Futurity]

• Hold. The. Phone. Almond mayo is a thing — and it’s super easy to make at home. [Bon Appetit]

• Well, this is neat: If a new bill gets passed in New Jersey, the state could become a renewable energy-producing powerhouse. [Grub Street]

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