Everything You Need to Know Before #RuntoWorkPHL (Including How to Win Free Stuff!) 

Get ready to have your best commute of the year!

Run to Work Day is tomorrow, people! If you have any last-minute questions before the big day, we’ve tried our darndest to answer them all below. See you tomorrow!

Um, what is Run to Work Day?
Put simply, Run to Work Day is the best day of the year. The longer answer is this: Philly’s Run to Work Day is an annual event put on by Be Well Philly, Run215 and Philadelphia Runner encouraging everyone to look at their commute a little bit differently, abandoning cars and SEPTA for a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing run into the office. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in on the movement, going down tomorrow, Friday, September 16th. To join in, you just have to run to work. Simple as that.

What if I don’t want to run alone?
Well, not to fear! There are plenty of Run to Work Day group runs to join in on around town tomorrow — seven to be exact. You can find their starting points and times here. All of these groups will be running to Philadelphia Runner’s pre-work runners’ party at their Center City store at 16th and Sansom Street?

What if I need some extra incentive to run to work?
If endorphins just don’t do it for you, we’ve got plenty more incentive for you. First off, there’s the pre-work party (WHAT is better than starting your workday with a party? Nothing. Nothing is better, my friends.) at Philadelphia Runner, where we’ll have plenty of coffee and snacks on deck for you to refuel for the day ahead of you, along with CORE Hydration water. That party kicks off at 7:30 a.m. and anyone and everyone is welcome to come.

And that’s just breakfast. All #RuntoWorkPHL participants also get free Sweetgreen tomorrow (more details on that here).

And we’re not done: You also have a chance at winning some free gear. The Run to Work Day team will be hosting a #RuntoWorkPHL Instagram contest, choosing our three favorite #RuntoWorkPHL Instagram photos from the day. The winners will win some sweet stuff from Philadelphia Runner. To get in on the Instagram contest, you just have to take a photo of your run into work and hashtag it with #RuntoWorkPHL and tag @bewellphilly, @run_215 and @phillyrunner in your photo. And BAM: Free workout gear could be yours!

What if I live REALLY far from work? Or really close? 
Not to fear: Run215’s Jon Lyons has solved all your problems for you. See his solutions to #RunToWorkPHL speed bumps below.

Problem: “But my commute is [insert long distance] …”
Solution: Listen, we’re not suggesting you hit the highway with your running shoes, praying like heck that you don’t get creamed by a vehicle. If you live super far from your place of work, you could always run FROM your car TO work. Heck, why not organize some laps around you building with coworkers? Maybe you’ve got a friend that you could carpool with. Try running to their house!

Problem: “But take the train to wor…”
Solution: This one is easy: Run to the train, ride it, then run to work from the station!

Problem: “But I work in another state …”
Solution: See option one. Also, we know this is called #RuntoWorkPHL, but we encourage everyone to participate regardless of geographic boundaries!

Problem: “But I work from home …”
Solution:  You’re the luckiest of all!  The entire city is your playground today! Go for a run and then get your butt back inside and get crackin’!

This entire day is about having fun and rethinking the way you commute. Try not to stress yourself out, be creative, and shred some pre-work calories with all of us tomorrow!

But … won’t I be sweaty for work?
If you’re coming to the party at Philadelphia Runner, there will be Nathan body wipes available for you to clean up with before you change into your work clothes. But we say you just go ahead and wear your sweat with pride. You freakin’ RAN to work! You can also check out these run-commuting tips that will help you stay fresh post-run here.

Will there be water stops?
Good news! Along with being at Philadelphia Runner’s pre-work runner’s party, CORE Hydration will have a few hydration stops speckled throughout the city: They’ll be at City Fitness’ Northern Liberties location at 2nd and Spring Garden Street from 9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and their Graduate Hospital location from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

And BOOM: That’s everything you need to know. See you tomorrow — on Instagram and in the real world! — friends.

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