Love Philly Style Bagels and Beyoncé? This Free Workout Is Your Dream Come True

You're going to want to cancel your Saturday brunch plans NOW.

Philly Style Bagels | Photo via Instagram

Philly Style Bagels | Photo via Instagram

You’re going to want to go ahead and cancel your Saturday morning brunch plans NOW: The folks over at City Fitness’ soon-to-open Fishtown gym are putting on a slew of free fitness events leading up to their winter opening, and the first one is this weekend. And let me tell you: It sounds 10 times better than listening to your friends complain about how hungover they are over eggs.

Here’s the deal: This Saturday, City Fitness is hosting a free booty-centric boot camp class led by Fabiana Ferrarini (who just so happens to be one of our Health Hero Challenge semifinalists!) at Palmer Park at 11:15 a.m. I’m told the class will feature a DJ spinning LOTS of Beyoncé (she is the queen of envy-inducing booties, after all) and will end with — drumroll, please — free Philly Style Bagels for all. See? I told you you’d want to cancel your plans. The class is free, you just have to register here to get in on the action.

Then, they’ll be hosting three more events throughout the fall: A graffiti run through Fishtown, a Halloween-themed workout brilliantly named Jawn of the Dead and a yoga-and-run event followed by brunch at Cedar Point Bar and Grill. You can see the full rundown of events and sign up here.

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