The Checkup: How to Pick the Fastest Checkout Line at the Grocery Store 

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

• Scary fact: Americans spend 37 billion HOURS a year waiting in line. And if you want to cut down on your personal contribution to that time, express checkout may not be your best bet at the grocery store. According to research, hopping in line behind one cart with many items should be faster than getting behind a few people with just a few items. That, plus many more tips to help you spend as little time in line as possible the next time you hit the grocery store. [New York Times]

• This new bike helmet, designed to allow cyclists to listen to music and talk on the phone without screwing with their safety, is really cool. No, REALLY. [Fast Company]

• Big news for Apple addicts (as in the company, not the fruit): The Apple Watch is about to get a whole lot more runner-friendly. [Runner’s World]

ClassPass: The cure for a broken heart? [Refinery29]

Seafood fraud is a BIG problem, according to a new report from Oceana. They found that one in five samples of seafood, tested globally, was mislabeled. (Let it be known: It took everything in me not to insert a “something’s fishy” pun into these past few sentences.) [Time]

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