Meet a Health Hero: Scott Cirella

"Always remember to focus on the journey, not the results."

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Scott Cirella

Role: Running leader for Students Run Philly Style, a program that helps students realize their capacity for success through distance running and mentorship.

Who or what motivates you to be healthy?
So many factors play into this question. Running has become such a huge part of my DNA. Who or what motivates me are the other runners who wake up at the crack of dawn to tackle training or a race, the race organizers who put the show together, the cheering crowds who line the streets and especially the young children who hold their hands out anticipating a high five from the runner, the many charities benefiting from the race and the emotions that carry across the finish line. Also, exercise keeps you in great shape, physically and mentally and as a result, you stay healthier for your loved ones and for the community you serve.

Describe a health or fitness-related turning point in your life.
The 2012 Broad Street Run and close to turning 50 years old. This run was my first major race and man, was I blown away. From that day on, I found a new passion, committed to this passion and four years later, I’ve conquered seven full marathons, over 25 half marathons and over 100 5Ks, 10Ks 15Ks and 10-milers. Thank you, Broad Street Run for changing my life.

What policy would you institute to make Greater Philadelphia a healthier region?
On a daily basis, carve out “me time.” Volunteer, take a walk, join a health-oriented group and always be proud of your successes and accomplishments. Two years ago, I was introduced to Students Run Philly Style, becoming a running leader and coach to my team of high school students to become healthy, disciplined and focused. These students set a goal and participate in numerous Philly runs, including the Broad Street Run and the Philly Half Marathon/Full Marathon. Also, most importantly, their participation with Students Run Philly Style helps improve their school grades, confidence and achieving their goals.

What’s the most important part of your health or fitness regimen?
Passion, commitment, discipline and most important, enjoyment and having fun. I am not and never will be an Olympian, however a gold medal will be rewarded based on my positive attitude and always thinking that I am one lucky guy. Always remember to focus on the journey, not the results. When a little tyke, standing with his dad at mile 22 of the Philly Marathon held out his hand and said, “Take this lady bug, it will run with you to the finish line,” the emotions kicked in and carried me to the finish line. This will stay in my memory book for a lifetime.

What is your number one piece of health-related advice or encouragement?
I can write a novel for this question! Who would have thought after taking that first step across the Broad Street Run start line, I would have accomplished over 150 races in less than five years, coached a Students Run Philly Style team and run the 2015 New York City Marathon. These experiences have changed my life. Confidence in myself has increased, transferring my confidence to my Students Run Philly Style team and overall my outlook on the everyday things remains positive. I am enjoying the gift of running! Oh, and the running “swag.” Very cool!

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