The Checkup: The One Mistake You’re Making Every Time You Cut Watermelon

• If you’ve been throwing away watermelon rinds after you dice up the flesh, you’re doing it all wrong. Apparently, the rind is loaded with fiber and potassium along with citrulline, an amino acid that helps to produce the amino acid arginine, which works all sorts of wonders in your body. So go ahead and pickle that watermelon rind and chow down, friends! [Eat Clean]

• WTF Is LISS? Well, it’s basically the opposite of HIIT — and apparently, it’s having a moment. [TIME]

• How does a vegan mayonnaise company become a huge player in the condiment aisles of stores like Walmart, Target and Whole Foods in just a few years? Well, if you’re Hampton Creek, you take your vegan mayo-making VERY seriously. Next up: Vegan scrambled eggs. [Fast Company]

• These Thai shrimp wraps, wrapped in Swiss chard instead of actual wraps, look like heaven on a plate. Yes, please! [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Step away from the “all natural” over-the-counter supplements, people: A new Consumer Reports investigation linked a big chunk of supplements, like green tea powder extract and caffeine powder (both used for weight loss), to potential health issues, like liver damage and seizures. [Women’s Health]

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