The Checkup: Words for All the Emotions You’ve Never Been Able to Explain

And more healthy reads to start the day.

• Humans are strange creatures and our brains are filled with all sorts of odd thoughts (“I wonder what Missy Elliot is doing today”) and emotions (“I’m not sad, exactly — my heart just feels like a train ran over it, then reversed back onto it, pressed the brakes and stayed there”), many of which we have a hard time describing. To help us out, the folks over at Science of Us have created a handy list of real words  from around the world — like pronoia and malu — for emotions you never knew how to describe before. Guarantee: The list will have you saying “Ahhhhh-ha!” for a good five minutes. [Science of Us]

• Your lunch-break workout dreams have come true: Sweat-proof makeup now exists, thanks some savvy athletes. [Health]

Stress isn’t usually thought of as a good thing. But Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist who wrote the book on making stress work for you, says that if you re-frame the way you think about it, stress can actually be quite advantageous. [Well + Good]

• Turns out, running for years and years and years may not be so terrible for your knees after all. [Runner’s World]

• Sure, being a night owl means you get to squeeze more internet and Netflix into your day, which is, well, great. But according to a new study, your late-night ways could be wreaking havoc on your diet. [TIME]

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