The Checkup: This Is What Really Happens to Gum When You Swallow It

And more healthy reads to start your Thursday.

• Let’s put this childhood argument to rest, once and for all: No, chewing gum does not stay trapped in your body for seven years after you swallow it, as myth suggests. But you don’t completely digest it, either. Here, a gastroenterologist explains what really happens to gum when you dare to swallow it. [BuzzFeed]

• If nothing as of yet has convinced you to wear sunscreen on your face, this dermatologist says to look at the skin on your, ahem, backside — which is often protected from the sun by clothes, and is therefore smoother and tighter — and know that the skin on your face could look like that if you only wore sunscreen on the daily. [Science of Us]

• And speaking of booties, if you’re looking to transform the shape of yours, this 30-day squat challenge should help. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

Trader Joe’s just got a serious scolding for — wait for it — refrigerator leaks. Turns out, the refrigeration systems they use have been leaking a coolant called R-22 that’s muddying up our air and depleting the ozone layer. [USA Today]

• Finally! Some praise for evening workouts: A new study shows that working out four hours after you learn something may help you retain that information — so working out after work could help you lock in some valuable work-related lessons. [Women’s Health]

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