My Top Five: Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Philly

Erin Jaskiewicz of Philly Vegans spills on her absolute favorite places to go for a vegan meal in Philly.
Miss Rachel's Macaroni and Cheese | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Miss Rachel’s Macaroni and Cheese | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Vegan friends, rejoice: Just in time for the weekend, Erin Jaskiewicz, one half of the duo behind the drool-inducing Philly Vegans Instagram, is dishing on her favorite vegan restaurants around town. And with over 700 vegan-food-related Instagram posts from spots around Philly, this gal knows what she’s talking about. Read up, pick a restaurant and consider your weekend dinner plans made.

Memphis Taproom
2331 East Cumberland Street, Kensington

“Memphis Taproom has always been a favorite go-to spot. The vegan options here are ever-changing and give off the vibe that they truly care about the appetites of their vegan customers,” Jaskiewicz says. “When I am dining with Vincent Sulak, the other half of Philly Vegans, we split two sandwiches: the Coconut Club and the Spaghetti Sandwich. Sadly, the Spaghetti Sandwich goes on vacation during the spring and summer when they change their menu, but it typically comes back in fall and winter. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?”


Loco Pez - Nachos de Kenzo | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Loco Pez – Nachos de Kenzo | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Loco Pez
2401 East Norris Street, Fishtown

“Hands down, this is my favorite place for Philadelphia-style Mexican fare. Vegan options are not clearly listed on the menu but they have them. All three vegetarian options on the menu — soy chorizo, seitan and spinach and mushroom — are also vegan. In addition, they have soy crema and vegan cashew-based cheese,” Jaskiewicz says. “My favorite thing to order is the Nachos de Kenzo with all three vegan ‘meat’ options. Often, we order these nachos K & A Style, meaning they use waffle fries opposed to tortilla chips.”

The Tasty
1401 South 12th Street, South Philly 

“The Tasty is a diner that’s brand new to the Philly scene. It has brought all sorts of vegan foods that Philly was lacking, from vegan omelets to ‘chicken’ and waffles. They also make all of their baked goods in house,” Jaskiewicz says. “Currently, I am in the process of trying everything on the menu, so I do not quite have a favorite yet. But, the Peanut Chew Croissant that was featured recently was delightful.”

Front Street Cafe | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Front Street Cafe | Photo via Erin Jaskiewicz

Front Street Cafe
1253 North Front Street, Fishtown

“Besides the food being out of this world and the cafe’s ambiance being perfect, the stand-out point of Front Street Cafe is they treat vegan as the standard,” Jaskiewicz says. “Contrary to other restaurants, Front Street Cafe notes only non-vegan items with a symbol next to the food item. All un-noted items are vegan. All of their vegan options are the perfect mix of fresh and delicious. My favorite items here are their Kale Caesar Salad with Tofu and their Buffalo Cauliflower.”

Miss Rachel’s Pantry
1938 South Chadwick Street, South Philly 

“Rachel Klein is a super cute, vegan culinary genius. Over at the Pantry, she whips up the most amazing breakfast, brunch and lunch options with and at-home feel,” Jaskiewicz says. “In addition to the Pantry’s regular hours, Rachel offers a Saturday-night five-course, farm-to-table meal that everyone in Philadelphia should experience. I am a really huge fan of a sweet and savory smorgasbord so my favorite menu items at the Pantry are Rachel’s exceptionally creamy mac and cheese alongside her sticky buns.”

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