These Are the Three Trendiest Foods in the Healthy-Eating World Right Now

Plus: Which healthy food trends are dying out, according to Google.

Lest you forget, whenever you type a weird thought into Google’s search engine (“What ever happened to Sisqo?” “Does your hair really keep growing after you die?” “WTF is turmeric?”), Google stores that information. And when it comes to food-related searches, they use your questions to determine the rising (and falling) food trends, which they recently shared in their Google Food Trends Report for 2016. Note: If you’ve found yourself searching for turmeric recipes after seeing your oh-so-trendy yoga instructor guzzling turmeric water (yes: turmeric water is, in fact, a thing), you are not alone.

Google ranked the rising food trends by volume of searches between January of 2014 and February of 2016, and according to their research, the three biggest rising stars — foods that have seen sudden growth of searches in the past few months — are turmeric, jackfruit, and cauliflower rice. Notice something? They’re ALL healthy foods (high-five, y’all!). Those three trends are followed by sourdough bread, funfetti and vegan donuts. Interestingly, Google found that the top trend when it comes to themes of what people are searching for is functional food, so food that does more than just fill you up. Turmeric is touted as an anti-inflammatory spice, which could explain its number one spot on the list.

When it comes to food trends that are on the decline, it looks like gluten-free might not be so trendy anymore: Gluten-free cupcakes and wheat-free bread both landed in the sustained decliners (trends that have seen steady decline in the past few years) box. And it looks like people have eaten their fill of quinoa and kale chips, too, as those both made the list of seasonal decliners (seasonal trends Google predicts will decrease in demand every year), along with agave nectar.

So, my friends, get ready to see turmeric, jackfruit — a popular meat substitute — and cauliflower rice ALL over your Pinterest feeds and grocery store aisles. And if you are one of the humans who’s searched the internet looking for turmeric-related answers, search no more: We have plenty of turmeric recipes for you to try right here.

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