The Checkup: What to Add to Your Smoothies If You’re Trying to Slim Down

And more healthy reads to kickstart your morning.

• Ever thought of adding cannellini beans to your morning smoothie? How about tofu? Or avocado? Here, why you should be blending those three bad boys into your morning sips if you’re looking to lose weight, plus five more smoothie add-ins to consider. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• If you’ve ever felt your phone vibrate, reached for it in your pocket, then realized that, actually, it didn’t vibrate, you are not alone: A new study found that nearly 90 percent of participants experienced phantom cellphone vibrations on the regular. Ack! [Men’s Health]

• Grilling season has arrived, friends! You’re going to want to go ahead and bookmark this one: Eight easy-to-make marinades with fewer than five ingredients. [Greatist]

• Sooooo, what makes a food “natural” anyway? The FDA is trying to figure that out. [NPR]

• Interesting! Here, how your birth control could be affecting microbiome (that’s a fancy way of saying gut). [Well + Good]

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