Perfect Weeknight Plans: Run, Eat and Drink Beer to Support Open Streets PHL

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You might’ve heard[2] that, come fall, it looks like we just might get what we’ve been dreaming about since the Pope’s visit: an Open Streets event[3]. And if you’re into the idea of running through car-free streets — without stopping at a single red light to do that awkward jog-in-place thing while you wait for the green (the joy!) — you’re going to want to join West Philly Runners next Wednesday, May 11th, for a group run to support Open Streets PHL[4], the non-profit that’s been pushing for Philly to have Open Streets events that promote fitness, arts and culture since last September.

Here’s the deal: Next Wednesday, runners will meet at West Philly Runners’ usual spot, 45th and Locust Street, at 6:30 p.m. to run two, four or six miles (your choice!), with all of the routes ending at University City’s Herban Quality Eats[5]. There, each runner will get their hands on a free coconut water, and Herban will be giving runners a 10 percent discount, with five percent of their sales going to Open Streets PHL. You can also snag a wristband for a suggested donation of five bucks, which gets you a free Yards beer.

If running isn’t your thing but you still want to show support, folks are welcome to join in on the fun without getting their sweat on beforehand; just head to Herban Quality Eats at 7 p..m. Hop on over here[6] to learn more.

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