The Checkup: 6 Fruits and Veggies You Should Never, Ever Peel

And more healthy reads for your Friday.

• When prepping fruits and veggies, note these six, including popular picks like apples and carrots, that you shouldn’t dare peel if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to nutrients. [Men’s Health]

McDonald’s is currently testing preservative-free chicken nuggets, meaning everyone who has found themselves drunk-eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets after a rough night could soon feel a little bit better about repeat incidents. A little bit. [Eater]

• Holy. Crap. This is awesome: New York is getting an urban farm — on water. [Fast Company]

• Guess who loves the new cycling company Peloton coming to the Philly area? Christie Brinkley, that’s who. [The Cut]

• And speaking of supermodels, here: Gisele Bundchen’s guide to keeping her chill. [Well + Good]

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