The Checkup: The Chef-Backed Farmers’ Market Trick That Will Totally Change the Way You Shop

And more healthy reads to kick off your weekend.

• When you head to the farmers’ market this weekend, pro chefs agree that you should not — I repeat: do NOT — make a list beforehand. The idea is, going in with an open mind and chatting with the farmers will lead you to try things you might not have if you’d planned ahead, and you’ll become more creative in the kitchen. So, to all my fellow control freaks: Try going in list-free and report back. (Also, read this before you go shopping — you’ll thank us later.) [Well + Good]

• Getting us even more excited for SoulCycle’s Philly debut is Ellie Kemper, dishing about how the cult-like Spin classes are basically therapy. [The Cut]

When do you really become an adult? When the thought of going out after 10 p.m. actually gives you a mild panic attack, I say. Here, everyone from toddlers to senior citizens gives their two cents. [The Atlantic]

• First question: Do you know how many minutes you’d have to run to burn off a bag of potato chips? Second question: If the answer was plastered on said bag of potato chips, would it make you think twice? [Time]

• In case you thought otherwise, double-dipping is actually prettttty gross. [Science of Us]

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