Would This New Philly Policy Get You to Ditch Your Soda Addiction?

Our friends over on Citified have been keeping folks up to date on what’s going on with of Mayor Jim Kenney’s proposed soda tax, which would add a 3-cents-per-ounce tax to all sugary drinks sold in Philadelphia (not including diet drinks made with faux sugar substitutes like aspartame, interestingly).

Back in January, when we talked with Angie Asche, registered dietitian and owner of Eleat Sports Nutrition, about easy ways to cut back on sugar (since many of us consume way too much of it), her number one suggestion was to quit drinking your sugar fix. We’re lookin’ at you, Pepsi addicts. And this is why Citified’s latest soda-tax news caught our eye. As Citified reports, under the new soda tax, sugary drink sales would drop by a whopping 55 percent in 2017. That’s a lot less sugary drinks sold — 61,288,194 gallons, to be exact.

So my question is this: Would a soda tax get you to actually give up your can-a-day habit — finally? After all, under the government’s dietary guidelines, a single can of coke contains 75 percent of your daily sugar allowance. Up that to two cans a day and, well, you can do the math. Or would you just purchase your soda outside of the city? You can read Citified’s full rundown on the soda tax here.

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