The Checkup: The Easy, Exercise-Free Way to Boost Your Health This Week

And more healthy reads that caught our eye.

• Do you have any plants in your home or office? No? You might consider getting some greenery this week, as indoor plants can not only help reduce stress levels, according to studies, they can also filter the air your breathe. Here, the 15 best house plants for cleaning your air. [The Weather Channel

• Whoa. Chinese scientists have successfully grown sperm in a lab. [BBC]

• Need some recipe inspiration this week? Check out these classic comfort foods that have been turned into healthy meal ideas. [Well + Good]

• Some big weight-loss news this week: According to a new study, you don’t have to lose a lot of pounds to reap real, measurable health benefits. [New York Times]

• Hey ladies, when’s the last time you vetted your makeup for its acne-exacerbating qualities? Take a deep dive into your makeup bag with help from this list of the ingredients to look for and avoid when you’re shopping for makeup. [Health]

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