The Checkup: All the Ways You’re Drying Out Your Skin in the Shower

And more health headlines to start your day.

• Ooof. Did you take a long, hot shower this morning? Were you overly vigorous with the towel when you dried off afterward? If so, you committed two cardinal sins when it comes to shower habits that can cause dry itchy skin. Click the link for three more bad habits you need to quit. [Huffington Post]  

• Friend, it’s time to embrace fats — the right fats, that is. Are you getting enough of these? [Health]

• Attention, all you Keurig-obsessed readers: You might want to consider giving up your k-cup habit. It’s bad for the environment (duh), but it also could be bad news for your health. [Women’s Health]

• Oh, wow. Check out this intriguing new study, which found, in mice, that running helps shrink cancerous tumors by as much as 50 percent. The reason? Good ol’ adrenaline. [Science Daily]

• Here’s a fascinating (maybe depressing?) look at the world of organ transplants — specifically, why some transplant centers reject a significant number of perfectly usable organs. The piece centers on research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. [The Atlantic]

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