The Checkup: This Is Exactly How Much You Need to Run Every Week to Benefit

And more healthy reads to get your week up and running.

• The “I don’t have time for exercise” excuse is so 2015. A recent review of studies on running found that you only need to run between five and six miles— over the course of one or two runs, so you can break ’em up — in under 51 minutes in order to reap health benefits like lower risk of certain cancers, stroke, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and more. All it takes is fifty-one minutes (or less) of your week, people! [Yahoo Health]

• Here, your guide to becoming the queen (or king) of packing healthy lunches that will last you ’til 5 p.m. [Eat Clean]

• Okay, I’m going to be straight-up with you: This energy experiment requires ditching caffeine, alcohol and as much sugar as possible for three weeks — but don’t stop reading yet! After those three weeks, you’ll have an awesome understanding of when you have the most and least energy, which will help you to squeeze the most productivity out of your days for, well, the rest of your life. What’s three weeks, right? [Fast Company]

• Most research has looked at how isolation affects you as you get older, but new research shows having friends, starting all the way back in your teen years, is good for your health. Perfect excuse for a weeknight happy hour with your work wife, don’t you say? [New York Times]

• And here, for when no egg-and-cheese-sandwich-induced happiness will cover the had-way-too-many-half-off-margaritas-last-night bags under your eyes: Two masks designed to turn your puffy hangover face around. [Into the Gloss]

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