12-Year-Old Kale Chip Entrepreneurs from Princeton, NJ to Compete on Chopped Junior

Meet your new career crushes.

The Kitchen Twins sampling their kale chips at Whole Foods | Photo via Facebook

The Kitchen Twins sampling their kale chips at Whole Foods | Photo via Facebook

I’m sure you’re a really accomplished individual, but get ready to feel bad about yourself: Two 12-year-old healthy food bloggers — twins, actually — from Princeton, New Jersey will be competing on Chopped Junior Tuesday, December 29th. But that’s not the part that will make you feel bad about your life — I mean, Chopped Junior is for kids, so of course 12-year-olds are competing on the show. This is the part that will make you feel bad: The twins are already successful entrepreneurs with a shake-and-bake kale chip product sold at Acme, ShopRite and Whole Foods. Again, they are twelve years old. They are who I want to be when I grow up, and I am grown up, and they are not. Insert every single sobbing emoji here.

The girls, Emily and Lyla Allen, run a recipe blog, Kitchen Twins, where you’ll find recipes for all sorts of healthy eats  from sautéed Japanese turnips with sage to cinnamon pecan toffee cake — gluten-free, of course.

The twins’ episode of Chopped Junior is called “Birthday Cake Crush” and will be airing December 29th at 8 p.m. on the Food Network. Meantime, if you want to feel like a responsible adult who eats kale chips but you don‘t want to have to comb through Pinterest for a recipe, their website tells me you can scoop up a bag of their shake-and-bake kale chips at the Acme on Passyunk Avenue in South Philly. Just try to forget they are the genius product of a set of preteens, for self-esteem’s sake.

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