Philly Ranks High Among Cities Most Likely to Be Hungover New Year’s Day

There is nothing worse than waking up on New Year’s Day feeling so not ready to take on the new year. And maybe feeling like you can’t even handle taking on rolling yourself out of bed and brushing your teeth. Why? Because you drank a bathtub’s worth of tequila and now your body hates you more than I hate How I Met Your Mother. So a LOT. And in today’s very upsetting news, according to some number crunching done by real estate site Trulia, looking at the number of nightlife establishments, bars, breweries and more for every 10,000 households in the 100 largest cities in the country, us Philadelphians are pretty darn likely — fourth most likely, actually, after folks living in San Francisco, Boston and Vegas (duh) — to end up stuck in bed come New Year’s Day with a killer hangover. Say it with me: Noooooooooo.

Granted, this ranking isn’t based on any hard facts concerning how much us Philadelphians imbibe on New Year’s Eve, so how much weight it holds is iffy. But still, I’m pretty sure a good chunk of you will be hungover come New Year’s Day because Fireball mistakes happen. In that case, we have plenty of hangover cures to try and help you come back to life in time to make it to the Mummers Parade. First, there’s the tried-and-true greasy diner food method of getting over a hangover, a favorite of Fishtown Tavern owner Josh Shemesh, whom we chatted with, along with four other Philly bartenders, about hangover cures last December. Or you can get your hands on some prickly pear juice, which supposedly tames hangover symptoms like dry mouth and nausea. Or, if you’re not too embarrassed to be seen buying Pedialyte (and, I mean, when I can’t imagine spending the day in anything other than sweatpants, embarrassment isn’t usually on my radar) you could pick some up from the drugstore and chug. It’s loaded with sodium and potassium, and works just as well for rehydrating adults as it does children.

Or we could all just be responsible humans who don’t drink bathtubs worth of tequila chased with Fireball. But again, mistakes happen.

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