How to Run a Half Marathon Without Actually Running 13.1 Miles

Registration for the new, easier-to-commit-to addition to race day is open today!

The Love Run | Photo via Facebook

The Love Run | Photo via Facebook

If you’ve always wanted to get in on the Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon fun, but you never, ever (ever!) want to run 13.1 consecutive miles, here’s your chance to run the half marathon without actually running a full half marathon: For the first time, the Love Run Philly is offering a half-marathon relay option to 500 teams, with legs maxing out at five miles. Phew.

For the half-marathon relay, teams of three will band together to tackle 13.1 miles, running legs between three and five miles each. There will be two chip exchanges: one at Eakins Oval and one at Strawberry Mansion, and there will be shuttle transport to each chip exchange spot. Relay team members will get all the same swag as the race’s regular half marathon runners — a tech shirt, coffee mug, finish medal and more — and, of course, they’ll get in on the finish line festival fun, too.

The race is going down Sunday, April 10th, 2016 and registration for the relay portion of the half marathon, which will run you $99 per team, is open today. The relay is limited to the first 500 teams to register, so if you want to say you ran a half marathon without, you know, actually running a half marathon, you’d better grab two friends and hop to it!

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