Be Well Philly Gift Guide: 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Healthy Foodies

We did all the heavy lifting — er, looking, rather — for you. Now, all you have to do is pick one and wrap it up.

I’m pretty sure everyone has at least one healthy foodie to shop for this holiday season. They can usually be identified as the person who would rather make homemade matcha waffles for brunch than go out and stuff themselves with chocolate chip pancakes at the closest diner — and they may or may not have a growler that they use solely for kombucha runs. Got one if those in your life? I thought so.

So, to lessen your holiday shopping load, we got Emily Watson of the Philly-based healthy food blog Nourishing Matters to put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for healthy foodies. Check out her creative picks — from locally sourced black garlic to foodie dice —  below, then go get your shop on. 

1. FELT+FAT Pottery, from $18.

“I have had my eye on this Philadelphia-based studio’s pottery for awhile now. That braise you just spent hours laboring over deserves a beautiful plate to lounge on, not to mention this turns any bowl of morning grains into something restaurant-worthy. If you have ever dined at Laurel or High Street on Market, then you have seen their gorgeous work in action.”

2. Foodie Dice, $24. 

“On those days when I have a hard time deciding what to cook for dinner, these Foodie Dice save the day. The six dice build a complete meal with protein, cooking method, grain/starch, herb, extra ingredient, and seasonal vegetable. They even offer vegetarian and vegan options! There are something like 186,000 possible combinations, so you really can’t run out of possibilities. And the best part? If you don’t like what you rolled, you can just roll again. You don’t have to worry about rolling tomatoes in winter either: Their seasonal die suggests dishes with vegetables at their peak.”

3. Mothering Mother Reusable Bulk Bags, $8.99 to $10.99 for three.

“The perfect gift for those who live in the bulk aisle — you know, those nut, seed, bean, and grain-eating types. Not only do these cloth bags help protect the environment, you can say goodbye to grain confetti at the bottom of your grocery bag. They are life-changing, promise.”

4. Dinner out … without the restaurant, price varies.

“I am a strong believer in gifting experiences, and Philly is rife with foodie adventures. On my wish list? Two places in particular: I would love an evening out at Cook, watching chefs in action and mingling with other foodies; and Boku Supper Club, a peer-to-peer dining experience, offers impressive locally sourced, multi-course menus that light up my Instagram feed.”

5. Black Garlic from Obis One, $24.99 for Black Crack. 

“I first tried this New Jersey’s black garlic at a local food festival and was blown away by the sweet, earthy flavor of it. It lacks the bitter pungency of raw garlic, but delivers on the wow factor. As a maker of many vegetable and grain bowls, I envision sprinkling this stuff all over top, adding tremendous complexity of flavor without much effort.”

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