Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Takes Jabs at Lululemon in Latest Commercials

Kate Hudson’s activewear line Fabletics — which just opened one of its first brick-and-mortar stores in Newark, Delaware in October — seems to be taking some jabs at Lululemon, namely the brand’s price points and that old see-through leggings incident, in its latest commercials.

I was scrolling through Jezebel when I came across the post “Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Targets Lululemon, Visible ‘Pussy’ in New Commercials.” I mean, who wouldn’t click on that headline, am I right? So obviously, I clicked through to watch the commercials, posted to YouTube at the end of November. While they don’t actually name Lululemon, it’s pretty clear given the all-wood-everything, cubbies holding yoga mats and leggings-clad leg mannequins skimming the ceilings in the store being mocked — all things one finds in a Lululemon store — who they’re making fun of.

The first commercial pretty clearly references the See-Through Leggings Scandal of 2013 that Lululemon just can’t seem to put behind them. In Lululemon’s defense, I will say, since said incident, I’ve bought multiple pairs of Lululemon leggings, none of which happened to be accidentally sheer (thank goodness). The second jab is in reference to Lululemon’s high price points, which, I mean, there’s really no denying. A pair of leggings will run you around $100. That’s pricey.

Anyway, the commercials will each take about 30 seconds of your day and, while they probably won’t sway you from your Lululemon-loving ways, they are kind of hilarious to watch. If only to see a panicked yogi say “You can totally see my [bleep]” when trying to return a pair of yoga pants. Check ‘em out below.

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