The Checkup: How to Extend the Fridge-Life of Your Favorite Foods

And more life-changing headlines — broccoli tater tots are a thing! — for your morning.



• Dana Gunders of the Natural Resources Defense Council wrote the book on not wasting food (literally), and she says you can cook with milk that’s past its peak problem-free. I’m not sure how into that particular money-saving trick I am, but she’s full of plenty more tips (that won’t make your stomach turn) for how to extend the fridge-life of your foods and, in turn, save a good chunk of change. [NPR]

The No-Poo trend (not shampooing your hair, like, ever) is big right now, but the director of the Hair and Scalp Clinic at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine says you might be better off sudsing up. [TIME]

• If you’ve ever wondered why you feel hungry minutes after downing a fast-food burger, it has to do with your post-burger insulin levels being all out of whack, signaling to your body that it’s time to eat again. (Yikes.) That, plus other not-so-fun things that happen to your body when you eat a Big Mac, right this way. [Yahoo Health]

Broccoli tater tots exist and you can make them. ‘Nough said. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• A recent study found that students performed better with four-day school weeks over five-day school weeks. All in favor of three-day weekends (for us adults, too!) all the time, raise your hands. [Science of Us]

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