#RuntoWorkPHL: You Can Shower Before Work at Sweat Fitness This Friday

For free!

Good news, Run to Work Day-ers! Just like last year, our pals at Sweat Fitness have generously agreed to open up their locker rooms for free to sweaty run-commuters this Friday for Run to Work Day Philly. That means you have a place to shower and get changed before work — woo! 

The deal is good for all eight Sweat Fitness locations, including those in the ‘burbs. All you’ll need to do is a show an ID to get in the door, and tell the front desk folks you’re there for Run to Work Day. Bath towels are free, and you’ll be able to use the gym’s shower products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash), too.

As for how to haul your change of clothes and any other needed toiletries, some Run to Work-ers got pretty creative last year, but your best bet is a tight-fitting backpack, preferably one that cinches around the waist for an extra-snug fit. Philadelphia Runner has some great options from Nike if you want to make a shopping trip.

You’ll also want to pack light, of course, so you might want to plan ahead and bring heavier items (shoes, belts, etc.) to work with you on Thursday and leave them there overnight. Or, you know, you can always just wear your running shoes and clothes all day. We wouldn’t judge.

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