The Checkup: The Best Boozy Drinks for When You’re Trying to Lose Weight

And more healthy reads for your morning.



• If your plans for this afternoon include happy hour, happy hour and more happy hour, read this first: The best boozy drinks to opt for when you’re trying to slim down — and the worst. [Huffington Post]

• There’s much talk of mindfulness nowadays, but mindlessness is important, too! [Science of Us]

• Never (ever) washed out your water bottle? You’re going to want to do that, like, yesterday — here’s how to do it right. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• At one point, Eminem — yes, that Eminem — was running 17 miles a day. A day, people! [Runner’s World]

• Summer corn is here and it is delicious. Get the most out of it with this chilled corn soup that is made creamy with a super-unexpected secret ingredient. [Self]

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