The Veggie Cheesesteaks Everyone Needs to Try, As Chosen By You

Blackbird's Seitan Cheesesteak | Photo via @phillyvegans

Blackbird’s Seitan Cheesesteak | Photo via @phillyvegans

Last week, we asked you guys to name your favorite veggie cheesesteaks in Philly, and a few picks popped up over and over again, which leads us to believe every fake-meat fan should have ‘em on their bucket list. Below, your guys’ top three picks. Read up, then go get your lunch on.

Govinda’s Philly Pepper Steak Sandwich
1400 South Street, Grad Hospital

This cheesesteak-esque sandwich from this well-known vegetarian spot on South Street got the most mentions, with readers saying it was “hands down” the best veggie cheesesteak around. Their take on the cheesesteak is made with with soy steak, rainbow peppers, Govinda’s special gravy and your choice of vegan or regular cheese — and we’re guessing it pairs well with a scoop (or two) of the shop’s vegan ice cream for dessert.

Blackbird Pizzeria’s Seitan Cheesesteak
507 South 6th Street, Queen Village

As some of you may remember, back in October, Erin Jaskiewicz of Philly Vegans told us that “Blackbird has created the perfect creamy vegan cheese wiz.” Back then, she was talking about their cheese fries (which we’re sure would go great with this sandwich), but you’ll be happy to know, that perfectly crafted cheese wiz is a key player in this sandwich’s makeup, too. It’s also got rosemary and garlic seared seitan (YUM), grilled onions and green peppers. Oh! And it won V for Veg’s citywide vegan cheesesteak contest back in 2014. Yeah, this one is a must-try.

Tattooed Mom’s Vegan Steak Sandwich
530 South Street, Queen Village

Unlike the other two spots that made the list, this South Street bar is not completely vegetarian or vegan, but they do offer a large vegetarian menu and, according to you guys, they sling a mean vegan cheesesteak. The also have something on the veggie menu called the Chubbsteak Wrap — and I have to say, I’m intrigued.

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