The Key to a Long Life? Miller High Life and Whiskey, 110-Year-Old New Jersey Woman Says 



Who needs exercise and fresh-pressed juice when you have the Champagne of Beers to keep you young? A New Jersey woman, Agnes Fenton, just turned 110 on August 1st, and just a few years ago, she gave credit for making it to her 105th birthday to her habit of downing three Miller High Lifes and a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue every single day, Yahoo Health reports.

Apparently, years ago, after learning she had a benign tumor, a doctor told her to drink three Miller High Lifes a day (I know, we’re a little skeptical, too), and she went ahead and added a daily shot of whiskey in for good measure. Now, five years after telling reporters this daily regimen was her key to old age, she’s no longer allowed her daily dose of booze — but she’s still kickin’. Her physician, Dr. Kenneth Wasserman, told Yahoo Health, “Her health has been phenomenal … she’s completely, thoroughly amazing.”

We doubt it has anything to do with the High Life, but it does make for a good story, doesn’t it? (And a good excuse to have a High Life at your next barbecue.)

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