The Checkup: The Best Food Combos for Weight Loss 

And more healthy reads for your morning.



• Good news, taco lovers: Black beans and corn make for a delicious — and surprising! — weight-loss superhero duo. That, plus six more weight-loss food combos to work into your diet. [TIME]

• If you’re anything like me, your morning routine could use some editing (less Instagram scrolling, more nutrient-packed breakfast eating — am I right?). Here, 14 ways to have the best mornings ever. [Huffington Post]

• I have friends who started using anti-aging products before they were out of their teens, which I think is psychotic. That said, it couldn’t hurt to work a few of these foods — which work wonders for your skin, your brain and your insides as you grow older — into your diet, no matter your age. [Men’s Health]

• Music to our ears: A dietician dishes on why there is absolutely no point in freaking about gaining weight while on vacation. [Refinery29]

• Why you should write your goals down instead of just wishing them into existence. [Science of Us]

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