Where Is the Best Vegan Ice Cream in Philly?

We're asking you.



On a very, very hot week last summer, we provided you guys with a rundown of eight places to get your hands on a scoop of vegan ice cream around Philly, and you guys went bananas. And a few of you chimed in with your favorite picks around town, too! So this year, on this muggy, perfect-for-ice-cream day, we figured we’d ask you, trusty Be Well Philly readers: Where can a gal or guy grab the hands-down best scoop of vegan ice cream in the Philly area?

Our vote is for the vegan Thai Iced Tea ice cream at Little Baby’s, but we’re sure there’s some stiff competition out there. List off your favorite places to get a scoop (and be sure to include your favorite flavors, too!) below. Ready, set, comment!

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