SUP Yoga Coming Back to Spruce Street Harbor Park This Summer

Feel like you're at the beach without leaving the city.

Sup Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park 2014 | Photo via Facebook

Sup Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park 2014 | Photo via Facebook

If you’ve never tried stand-up paddle board yoga because, well, you live in Philadelphia, here’s your chance: The ladies of Aqua Vida are bringing SUP Yoga back to Spruce Street Harbor Park for the second year this summer.

Classes will kick off on June 17th and will run Wednesdays and Saturdays all summer long, with classes ending September 26th. So, this summer, you’ll have plenty of chances to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation (or at least down the Shore), without stepping foot out of the city. Say it with us: Winning.

And if you need a bit of convincing to hop on a paddleboard in front of the crowd of strangers that are sure to be hanging out at Spruce Street Harbor Park at all times, just know: Aqua Vida’s classes are a blast and a serious workout. I, a human who very much likes dry land, tried one, loved it (shockingly), and felt its effects on my abs long after I stepped off the board. So, take it from me: The awkward stares from strangers who are probably hoping someone will fall in the water (you know, for Instagram purposes) are totally worth it.

You can find out more about the classes and how to reserve a spot come June here.

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