Students Run Philly Style Is Starting the Mile of Cheer at the Broad Street Run

Cheer deserts, be gone!

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

If you’ve pounded the pavement in the Broad Street Run before, you might’ve noticed a stretch in the second half — between miles seven and eight, to be exact — where the cheers fell silent and you were left running through a cheer desert with your own thoughts. Thoughts like, “Are my legs breaking? I think my legs are breaking,” and “If I crawl to the finish line, does it still count?” But not this year! This year, Students Run Philly Style will be hosting the Mile of Cheer along the stretch of South Broad Street, from Federal Street to Ritner Street, that year after year serves as a cheer desert. And it sounds like folks who post up to watch the race there will have a blast.

Here’s the deal: Students Run Philly Style has gotten a bunch of fun fitness folks on board to set up their cheer stations along the Mile of Cheer and spread the word, from Run215 to Lululemon to the November Project to Oddyssey Half Marathon to Philadelphia Runner to Fishtown Beer Runners and more.

Some groups are simply urging their communities cheer anywhere along that strip, while other groups are setting up their own stations at certain mile markers: Back on My Feet will be at the corner of Broad and Federal Streets; Students Run Philly Style will be at mile 7.4 (near the corner of Broad and Dickison) with a sign-making zone in the morning and cowbells to cheer on runners during the race; Lululemon will have their cheer and water station at mile 7.8 (at the corner of Broad and Jackson) with a DJ, cheer signs, mini trampolines (!!) and water guns; and the folks from the November Project will be posted up all along the Mile of Cheer, and if you’d like to join them you can RSVP here, but you can also just show up.

So, if you’re going to be watching Broad Street Sunday morning (um, what else would you be doing?), head down to the Mile of Cheer to join in on the fun and give the runners those extra high fives, screams, and funny signs, they need to keep on truckin’. And if you take photos, make sure to post them with the Mile of Cheer’s official hashtag, #highfive215.

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