Your Weekend Workout Playlist: The 25 Best Workout Songs Ever

As chosen by you.



Earlier this week, we asked you guys to tell us what your favorite, cant-live-without workout songs are, and you guys listed off some great picks by everyone from Florence + the Machine to Jay Z to the Foo Fighters. We also asked our fellow Philly Mag staffers to chime in with their favorites and, boy, did they bring some good stuff to the table (Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” for one).

So, below, this week’s crowd-sourced workout playlist: The absolute best workout songs out there, chosen by Be Well Philly readers and Philly Mag staffers (and a few thrown in by us over here in Be Well Philly Land). Enjoy!

*We clean out and update this playlist every Friday with a slew of new songs to keep you grooving. Follow it on Spotify so you never miss a beat.

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